I’m very thankful to Dr. Sergey Diordichuk for literally putting me back on my feet again! In 2011 I was diagnosed a herniated disc in my lumbar spine area, a protrusion and a pinched sciatic nerve. I could not walk, could not stand or sit… the pain in the lower part of my back and my left leg was just unbearable. It wouldn’t stop even when I was lying. At the hospital, they gave me an injection of the neural blockade, then after several days – another one. None of the manipulations, droppers, no painkiller would give a relief. The head neurosurgeon of the hospital could suggest nothing but a surgery. On the same day I was there on the Doctor’s couch. From that moment on, despite the penetrating pain, I hadn’t had a single pill. At the very first visit the Doctor gave me hope. The first three days, they literally carried me into his office, because I could not go myself. After the third session I felt relieved, after the fifth – I got behind the wheel. Words cannot express all my gratitude for the Doctor. I just want to thank You for the Life! Wishing You many happy years!

Elina Chepurina

My story was just like a bad movie. I looked at myself and couldn’t believe that was happening to me. A month after the car accident I woke up not feeling the right side of my body… at that moment I thought that was it… The hospital, MRI and the diagnosis – an acute cervical disc herniation, a ruptured disc and a pinched nerve canal… The sentence of surgeons – a surgery for replacing two discs. To my question about an alternative to the surgery, their answer was: we can’t suggest any other option!

Dr. Sergey Diordichuk was my last hope. On the recommendation of my friends whom he saved from the spinal surgery, I went to see him; I believed he could help me. And he did! Now, two years later, I live, I breathe and I’m fully capable of doing my job!!! Words cannot fully express how grateful I am for this Man’s hands, knowledge and methods. Sergey Diordichuk is more than a Doctor. His is a Wizard!!! Thank You!

Yelena Valler

Meeting the Doctor has divided my life into “before” and “after”. That was a path from disability to a full understanding of how to be healthy. I managed to avoid spinal surgery and the humiliating helplessness! I thank God for meeting with this unique doctor – Sergey Diordichuk. I thank the Doctor for his excellent skills! I’m thankful for the regained health, for the knowledge I’ve got and lessons I’ve learned… Go and do – the soul and body must work together! This is my motto now. All you have to learn is the knowledge of the body-oriented practices. The Doctor shares it during his therapy and treatment programs. His hands are the continuation of the Creator. My sincere gratitude,

Svetlana Lusternik

I met the Doctor during a very difficult period of my life – the stress on the background of the divorce destroyed both my mind and my body. No matter how strong, intelligent or experienced a person is, in a state of a destructive depression, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get out on your own! I was so lucky to meet with my Doctor – Teacher and Master! The Doctor’s methods allow your body and the organism as a whole to find balance, fill up with energy, to strengthen your immune system, get rid of the rubbish in your head, to leave behind the burden of offences and claims, to become a free, healthy and happy person! I’m infinitely grateful to Sergey Diordichuk for the victory over my diseases, fears and self-imposed limitations! I thank You for the happiness of being healthy and free!

With love,

Svetlana Yuldasheva